I’m Featured in All You Magazine’s October Issue!

I’m so honored to be featured in All You Magazine as a Super Saver!  This magazine has a circulation of over 1 million readers because each story offers money-saving and/or time-saving tips, AND it has TONS of coupons in it!  You can find it at Wal-Mart or subscribe to have it sent to your home!  This issue will hit newsstands on Sept. 23rd if you would like to pick up your own copy!

Don’t forget to join my Facebook group- Iowa Couponing for more deals, tips and sign up for my Novemeber Couponing Classes so you can learn how to save BIG bucks here!


About iowacouponing

Katie Kitterman owner of Iowa Couponing loves to help others save the hundreds of dollars a month on grocery and household items that she is saving! She posts new deals, coupons, and online finds daily on her facebook group Iowa Couponing that has over 3800 members! She has been featured in the national magazine All You as a Super Saver, the Des Moines Register, WHO Channel 13 news, KCCI Channel 8 news, ABC 5 news and other media outlets for her couponing abilities! She has now taught over 1500 people her couponing ways and can teach you too!
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3 Responses to I’m Featured in All You Magazine’s October Issue!

  1. I attended a couponing class on Saturday, IT WAS FANTASTIC! Thanks to Katie, the COUPON DIVA, we were given great insight into websites, organizing, store policies, and much more. She was more than willing to share her secrets to successful couponing. I can’t wait to start utilizing all the tips and ideas. THANKS AGAIN, Katie, for a wonderful class! Keep couponing and keep teaching classes!

  2. Sara Figgins says:

    That is awesome!! Congrats on such a huge accomplishment!

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